The Follow Statements have been submitted by 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training Program Graduates:
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“If you are looking for a flexible, in depth class that gives you the opportunity to practice, learn and reflect on the teachings, than this is the class for you! The once a month meetings work well with people who have other life commitments. Leslee is an amazing teacher who explores the practice of yoga by imparting a wide variety of subjects. So grateful to have attended this class!”Mike W.  200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

The week on the beach, full of meditation, yoga and learning was unforgettable. The opportunity to metaphorically unplug and just be mindful was rejuvenating. I feel like the information gained was so valuable and I am so thankful.  Leslee at Well Heart Yoga is engaging, intimate, educational and fun. I learned a lot about yoga and more importantly about myself. I feel confident and ready to share my practice with others.”
-Kerrie D. 200 hr. Yoga One the Beach Graduate

“I highly recommend Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training! Leslee is a wonderful teacher. Her passion for teaching yoga inspired me to Do IT!  – Carmen H. 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

“I have learned a lot. I did this Teacher Training to get my Certificate, but most importantly to grow. I did grow. It pushed me past my comfort zone, which I like. There were moments that were uncomfortable but I feel like a very capable Yoga Teacher now. It was fun and educational. I feel like I made a lot of friends and became a better version of myself.”- Geneva G. 200hr. Certified Teacher

“Leslee has a comforting approachable presence and gives her students the time and space to process the yoga teachings.  The Yoga Teacher training is a journey of self discovery and Leslee provides the nurturing environment for her students to explore their personal trajectory. I enjoyed the 8 module training as it was an ideal pace for my retaining the information. I also learned from the students as well.”-200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

“I’m so proud of the things I learn in 8 short months! Leslee is a wonderful guide and Teacher and gracefully meets the needs of all students. I would recommend the training to anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of yoga-you really notice the way yoga is woven into all aspects of life through the 8 month journey.” 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

After wanting to complete yoga training for many years, I was lucky to find Leslee. She was wonderful, bringing the introvert out in myself, more and more, I’m grateful for completing the program when there were many times I didn’t think I was the “correct” fit but Leslee changed my mind and I’ll always be grateful. Whether I decide to teach or take what I’ve learned over the past 8 months, I know it has changed my life for the better.– Jen C. 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

“Leslee is a wonderful Teacher/Mentor. The training was very informative and I learned so much about yoga (which was the goal!). I truly valued my time each month we had for yoga weekends and I will miss it and everyone very much!”– 200hr  Certified Yoga Teacher

“Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training has been an unveiling journey that I could have never predicted. Surrounding myself with like minded yogis brought me deeper into my practice. It brought up a much deeper connection between my body and mind. I took this training in order to improve my practice and to learn more about yoga. I was not intending to teach once I graduated, but I now feel motivated to do more trainings and to begin teaching! These 8 months have truly changed my life in a way I didn’t know I needed.” 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

“Leslee is a phenomenal yoga Teacher. She lives and breathes the philosophy and movement. I have truly appreciated her guidance, support and wisdom. I am grateful for her gentle kindness and approachable teaching technique.”200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

“I would absolutely recommend Well Heart Yoga for anyone looking to become a Yoga Teacher, or even just deepen their practice.  Over the last eight months I have grown spiritually and emotionally though my yoga training, and cannot wait to share with others.  Leslee is truly a beautiful and genuine soul with a wealth of knowledge to share. Anyone would benefit from this Teacher Training.” – Erica  200hour Certified Yoga Teacher

“What a journey! I set out on a personal quest and completed this course with deeper insight and close friends.
– Kelli  200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Yoga on the beach was so inspirational.  I loved exploring all the different module subjects and finding how they all inter weaved into the amazing tapestry that is yoga. Leslee provides a safe space to explore yoga and to explore yourself. Her thoughtfulness in honoring everyone’s individual journey is a special skill. I highly recommend Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training and Leslee for yoga teacher training. “
– Joanne, Yoga on the Beach Graduate and 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher.

” Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing program.  Not only did I learn more about yoga, but learned more about myself in the process. Leslee is an extremely caring and accommodating teacher.  I don’t think there is a better program out there.”- Kendall, 200hr. CYT and Scholarship Recipient

“Well Heart Teacher Training was not only informative and thoroughly enjoyable, but a gift to myself.  I learned as much about me as I did yoga, deepened my own practice and now understand my physical and soulful self much better. “
– Beth, 200hr. CYT and Yoga on the Beach Graduate

“A fantastic experience! Completely exceeded my expectations. Leslee has a wealth of knowledge that she openly shares with each student, giving individualized attention.  She has created a challenging yet safe and enjoyable learning environment.”
– Cassie, 200hr. CYT and Yoga on the Beach Graduate

“I love the monthly trainings. Everyone is very friendly, kind and helpful. We all come from different backgrounds. Even though we are all very different, whenever we talk about yoga or share wisdom and life experiences, we are very open.  I always feel welcome and happy at the training weekends.” – Rachel, 200hr CYT

“Leslee exudes her love of teaching in all aspects. She has made herself available to us for questions and concerns during the whole 8 month process. She has brought together such a wonderful community of yogis. When I first started Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training School, I thought I wasn’t going to teach, just deepen my own practice. At the end of the 8 month course, I have gained the knowledge and belief in my capabilities to teach. Thank you Leslee!“  – Rhonda,200hr. CYT

” The Well Heart Teacher Training School has been one the absolute best experiences of my life now. It has change me and made me a better person because I am now more aware of myself.  I truly apply yoga to any aspect in my life and I am so greatful to have found my passion.” –Anna, 200hr. CYT and Yoga on the Beach Graduate

“This is the best gift you could give to yourself.  Leslee has created a sanctuary, a safe haven to learn, to trust, to experience. You will leave feeling more confident. You will likely find you’ve entered a space of healing and your life will change.  Congratulations on making a choice to change the world. You couldn’t have picked a better way to do so. “
Candance, 200hr.CYT

“I am grateful to have found Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training School.  Leslee, with her calm demeanor,  is able to work with everyone at their own pace.  There is a lot of information to take in with the first 200hrs. of Yoga Teacher Training, but Leslee provides the necessary literature, studio space and spirit of yoga to guide those through this process.
Onycha, Yoga on the Beach Graduate and 200hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

“The experience in the 8 month module was beyond what I expected. I knew there would be many challenges, but I did not expect as much fun!  Through this 8 month Yoga Teacher Training, Leslee has shown me it is possible to be powerful in all parts of your life. I could not have had a better experience. Her training modules work well with schedules, so there is no pressure within a time frame. The most wonderful part about Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training is you come out with more confidence than ever because of the welcoming environment and strong women by your side.”Nicole 200hr. CYT

“I highly recommend Well Heart Yoga’s program to deepen your knowledge of the mind, body and spirit trifecta. The unexpected bonus was creating lasting friendships and deep connections with fellow teacher trainees. A rewarding and life expanding experience.”Jen, Yoga on the Beach Graduate 20ohr. Certified Yoga Teacher

“This Yoga Teacher Training Program (3 week Intensive) has influenced me in ways beyond words. Leslee is gracious, wise, kind, witty and simply lovely. ” –Paula , 200hr. CYT

“The personal growth I obtained through this program exceeded my expectations. The material was interesting and effective in learning about yoga.”- 200hr. Graduate

“The (8 month module) experience has been transformational-unexpectedly so. After having practiced (yoga) for 10 years, I thought the would be an easy way to enhance my knowledge and deepen my own practice. I didn’t expect to teach. In these past eight months, and of that inward focus (me) has been turned inside out such that I am humbled by having this opportunity and proud to have accomplished the challenge, while enthusiastically seeking to hare the power of yoga and it’s ability to awaken the individual within others. I have the tools and wisdom to share my self with humility and love.” – Kristen , 200hr CYT

“Participating in  Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training program (8 month module training) has been an amazing experience! Leslee’s program is rich with knowledgeable instructors, adaptive to the teacher trainees, well rounded in content knowledge and perspectives. The warm, encouraging atmosphere that Leslee creates guides and supports learning to help us realize our potential and strengths as yoga instructors. It has been a transformational experience for me both professionally and personally!
Jen,  200hr. CYT

“I just want to let you know I had a great time this weekend. The class seems as though it couldn’t suit me better, being almost a perfect mixture of spiritual, physical and mental. The teachers (including yourself) are all very smart and I love my eclectic mix of classmates. I am really looking forward to the next five months and again I want to thank you for the umpteenth and probably not the last time for making this opportunity available to me.”  Scholarship Recipient

In the 200 hour program, I received a strong foundation in the fundamentals of thoughtful, caring and intelligent yoga instruction as well as exposure to more ideas and areas of yoga.
– 200hr. Graduate

Just wanted to tell you I got so much out of this past weekend’s training. The meditative Sunday was so powerful for me and glad that you make it a part of your repertoire.  I’m very energized by how this is all evolving for me and of course the friends I’m making there too. I hope you understand and know how much I’m enjoying the training and how much I look forward to sharing what I’m learning.” –Tracy 200hr. CYT

“I recently received my 200hr. Yoga Teacher Training certification from the Well Heart Yoga Center. The classes gave me insight to a world of Yoga that I have never explored before. Leslee was a wonderful instructor and made each and every one of our modules fun and interesting. If you are looking to train as a Yoga Teacher, I would recommend Well Heart Yoga.
Nikki 200hr. CYT

“I first came to Leslee at Well Heart Yoga Teacher Training after meeting and speaking with Leslee.  Listening to Leslee impart her commitment…her cooperative spirit is contagious!  Both the training and the studio make a wonderful weekend retreat for learning; I began in October 2011 and finished in May 2012.  I gained personal growth and discovered a path to developing my skills and potential.  I am definitely deeply connected to my experiences.”Daphne, 200hr. CYT

First I want to say thank you ….you couldn’t possibly know how much your support and willingness to help mean to me. From the bottom of my heart, you have been a true blessing.. More so than you could ever know.”-Krista 200hr. CYT

“I found at Well Heart Yoga a warm nurturing environment, full of supportive people; all working together, sharing wisdom and creating a safe space for learning and personal growth. I met so many wonderful people, teachers and students alike.   In addition to the great space and picturesque community, Well Heart Yoga gave me a wealth of knowledge from various instructors, all with different passions and backgrounds. I was also encouraged to explore any areas of interest independently and given the resources and assistance to follow my own heart and my own path to yoga.”Jillene, 200hr. CYT

Weekend Island Retreat participants-

“This weekend was particularly nurturing.  I enjoyed someone taking over the cooking and really enjoyed the arts and craft project we did.  There was a beautiful blend of down time and structure and Leslee was very flexible with our needs.  I even had time for a bath!! “– Julie B.

“…It was wonderful.  As I walk this journey of child loss, I am learning so much as I go, as all of us are.   I had started to do a little yoga on my own, and found a great studio to help me continue.   The things that I have learned along the way, are that I know I need to take care of myself, and pay attention to what I need, first.   I am finding that if I can’t take care of myself through this process, how am I going to be any help to my loved ones?    This retreat helped me to do just that.   There was a lot of talking and sharing our stories about our loved ones; there were a lot of tears shared; there was solitude as we needed it;  there was camaraderie.   I have found, and continue to find, that those who have walked this walk, and who are just starting out on this walk are the ones that truly know what we are going through.   I had only just started doing a little yoga, but I never worried that I didn’t know enough yoga to keep me from going on this retreat.   It was not so much about yoga, but more about women coming together to share, and support each other through our loss.   It was a wonderful way to pay attention to me, and to feel like we were supporting each other through this journey.   I hope to be able to do this again.   And, I feel that it doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning this journey, or have walked it for many years, we all need this support.   Thank you Leslee…….”     -Sue S.

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