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Grief Recovery Maine Beach Retreat
2nd Annual, Healing Through Yoga
for parents of loss
May 15-17,2020

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May 15- 17,2020
Losing a child of any age is unfathomable. In 2017 Leslee Clark, mother of four, lost her only son (pictured above) to Leukemia. Since his death, it has been her desire to help other parents of loss navigate a world without their cherished one. A yoga teacher and group meditation facilitator since 2006, a retreat leader since 2011 and bereavement volunteer for hospice, she offers residential mini- retreats for those who wish to move through the heartache. Time will be spent each day at Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Art, Journaling and Community.
Retreat Cost: $555 /FMI:
207 625-4756

fowler beachRetreat location: Wells Beach, Maine

Testimonials from Retreat –

“…It was wonderful.  As I walk this journey of child loss, I am learning so much as I go, as all of us are.   I had started to do a little yoga on my own, and found a great studio to help me continue.   The things that I have learned along the way, are that I know I need to take care of myself, and pay attention to what I need, first.   I am finding that if I can’t take care of myself through this process, how am I going to be any help to my loved ones?    This retreat helped me to do just that.   There was a lot of talking and sharing our stories about our loved ones; there were a lot of tears shared; there was solitude as we needed it;  there was camaraderie.   I have found, and continue to find, that those who have walked this walk, and who are just starting out on this walk are the ones that truly know what we are going through.   I had only just started doing a little yoga, but I never worried that I didn’t know enough yoga to keep me from going on this retreat.   It was not so much about yoga, but more about women coming together to share, and support each other through our loss.   It was a wonderful way to pay attention to me, and to feel like we were supporting each other through this journey.   I hope to be able to do this again.   And, I feel that it doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning this journey, or have walked it for many years, we all need this support.   Thank you Leslee…….”     -Sue S.


“This weekend was particularly nurturing.  I enjoyed someone taking over the cooking and really enjoyed the arts and craft project we did.  There was a beautiful blend of down time and structure and Leslee was very flexible with our needs.  I even had time for a bath!! “– Julie B.

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